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Unbroken: Accessing (Y)Our Resilience

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Unbroken: Accessing (Y)Our Resilience is a small group learning community for liberal religious people delivered through a 2.5-day in-person retreat followed by 5 online sessions.

Everyone who takes risks experiences some adversity. By looking at what happened, learning new skills, and practicing them in relationship with others, you can change how you bounce back from disappointment. 

People who have experienced failure may be struggling to manage disappointment and shame. Many may feel they are flawed, that they lack an ability to succeed that others magically posses.

No one is broken, no one is left behind. 

Unbroken is a practice-based learning community for people living faithfully with failure. Participants engage in activities, art explorations, and discussions to help each other and share information. They learn from each other and care about each other.


Over time and sustained interaction, Unbroken: Accessing (Y)Our Resilience will become a collective of resources, experiences, stories, and tools to address and transform disappointment into resilience.

“If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together”

(Aboriginal activists group, Queensland, 1970’s)

Unbroken for Religious Professionals
What would you do if you knew no failure could stop you?

As society shifts into new ways of relating to religion, education, and social justice, religious leaders are challenged to create effective practices relevant to 21st. century culture. Religious Professionals are expected to innovate and take risks in public, high emotional investment experiments. Unsuccessful experiments are part of successful innovation, and faithfully managing failure requires us to move past lingering shame and isolation.

Development of community is central to this workshop, and is reflected in the name of the group by using a combination of “your” and “our”, highlighting that this group breaks beyond an individual focus. Professional ministry can be lonely work. Resilience depends on having a network of connection. This space is bound in professional covenant.

How can I join an Unbroken Resilience Group?

Unbroken: Accessing (Y)Our Resilience groups will be offered periodically. To be notified in advance of the next online or in-person group, contact Halcyon.

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