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Here's what some folks who worked with me say:

"Halcyon has a prophetic voice tempered by deep and genuine
humility. She is both bright and wise, possessing both a hunger to learn, study, and grow, and the gifts of circumspection and empathy. She has a fierce moral compass that guides her decision making."
Karen Bellavance-Grace,
Regional Staff, Unitarian Universalist Association
"Halcyon set boundaries with participants in gentle ways that were nevertheless effective, she brought the group back from the way it wandered off (almost didn't notice that's what she was doing), and she took the input from everyone and translated it into workable goals."
"In my 30+ years of consulting, Ms Westall is one of the best process facilitators experienced. A sincere thank you."
"[Halcyon] enabled a good flow of conversation that probed and enlightened and helped participants be more honest with one another. That level of honesty that we achieved with one another was indeed inspiring!"
Strategic Planning Retreat Participants
"Halcyon has served the [Fahs] Collaborative as a very  effective communicator, program coordinator, and project manager. She leads in this role by professionally executing her tasks and by exemplifying the value and effectiveness of collaborative education."
Michael Hogue,
Professor, Meadville Lombard Theological School
"Halcyon's passion for our religious movement is infectious!  Halcyon is a joy to collaborate with on any area of church life...  As someone who lives with intention and integrity, Halcyon is a model to our young people of mature faith development.  Her leadership helped to deepen the spiritual tone of the Religious Education program and strengthen multigenerational relationships in the community."
Rev. Amy Freedman, Unitarian Universalist Minister
“Halcyon was fabulous- responsive, helpful and kind.” 
“You had us in tears of happiness and gratitude this morning in two spots three hours apart on the coast of Maine.” 
Faithify Users
"One of the most striking things about Halcyon is that her work is clearly her vocation. She believes passionately in faith formation across the lifespan. It is clear that her values are being put into action when she is working. This passion she feels for her work translates into a high level of creativity, integrity, and commitment to better herself and her community."
Sarah Mermin, LICSW
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